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Committee Type: Community Advisory Standing Committee
Created: December 18, 1990
Official Action(s): Ordinance No. 90-20
Definition/Purpose: Provide input and recommendations regarding City policies, priorities, and feedback related to the City’s Percent for Art Ordinance, and related matters.
Eligibility of Requirements/Composition: Up to 9 Members.
*Can appoint an additional 4 non-members per art project subcommittee.
  • Residents
  • Business Representatives
Term(s): 2 Years (expiring June 30)
Regular Meeting: Monthly
2nd Thursday
5:30 PM
Civic Center (1333 Park Avenue, Emeryville)
Vice Chairperson:
Sharon Wilchar
Jean Goldman
Secretary: Amber Evans, Community and Economic Development Coordinator II
  1. Edythe Bresnahan, resident (2017)
  2. Jean Goldman, Resident (2017)
  3. Camille Hamilton, Business Representative (2017)
  4. Harley Jensen, Resident (2017)
  5. Lauren Merker, Resident (2017)
  6. Alicia Raffel, Resident (2017)
  7. Rick Tejada-Flores, Resident (2017)
  8. Judith Wetterer, Business Representative (2017)
  9. Sharon Wilchar, Resident (2017)
Other Staff
  • Community Development Director