Eviction Harassment Ordinance

The City of Emeryville's Residential Landlord and Tenant Relations Ordinance will take effect on Saturday, April 1, 2017.

The ordinance broadly regulates most residential rental units in the City, limits the reasons why landlords may terminate a tenancy in accordance with state laws, prohibits harassment of residential tenants, requires tenants be provided with notices of tenant rights under the ordinance, as well as a mandate that landlords use a form notice of termination of tenancy and provide a copy of the completed notice and applicable rental agreement to the City.

Certain residential units are exempt from the proposed ordinance, including owner-occupied units where the owner is renting two or fewer bedrooms, housing units owned by a nonprofit hospital, convent, monastery or similar type of development, government owned units, units owned by a nonprofit cooperative that is controlled by the residents, and units subject to state or federal regulations that are already subject to a form of just cause eviction protections that would preempt the City's regulations.