Bike & Pedestrian

Bike to Work Day was Thursday May 11th, 2017!

We hope to see you at an Energizer Station in 2018, as a volunteer, or simply as you bike by on your way to work or school.
for some free goodies, at these Energizer Stations in Emeryville: 
  • 40th St at San Pablo Ave. (northwest corner)
  • Adeline at 64th St. (both sides of Adeline)
  • Greenway at 65th St. (south side of 65th)
  • Christie at Shellmound St. (northwest corner)

Watch for 2018 dates next May.


Bike Lockers are back at



Spaces for 12 bicycles are available at this BikeLink location, at 5885 Horton St.  Locks are operated with a Bike Link card.  Sign up to get a Bike Link card here.  Lockers were installed and are operated and maintained by Bike Link.  They were paid for by the City of Emeryville and by Capital Corridor with grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Horton Street Bicycle Boulevard Traffic Calming project completed in November 2016. 

Vehicle speed has been slowed on this stretch of Horton between 53rd St. and 45th St

City of Emeryville Pedestrian and Bicycle Plans:        

  • For information on getting around by bicycle in the Bay Area, visit

    More Bike Parking 

    Bike Racks:

    Bike racks currently installed in the public right of way are paid for by a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and Measure B funds. 

    For the city's approved Bike Parking Installation Guidelines, visit the APBP website.
  • The City of Emeryville Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meets monthly on the first Monday at 5:30 p.m., except for the months of August and December.  For more information, go here.