Water Conservation & Bay Friendly Landscaping

Landscapes Designed to capture rainfall prevent flooding and pollution 

See Emeryville's and other

Green Streets

on this Clean Water Program website, and multiple resources and info on the Blue Green Building website 



Landscaping and Gardening Resources

 The Alameda County Waste Management Authority has developed information on landscaping that is better for the environment and is tailored to our Bay Area plants, climate, and soils. For more information, view an overview of the program, including the 7 principles of Bay-friendly design.

Bay Friendly Gardening Program

The Bay Friendly Gardening Program is primarily for residential gardens. For additional information on this program, view the Guidelines.

Bay Friendly Landscaping Program

The Bay Friendly Landscaping Program is for commercial landscapes. For more information on this program, view the Guidelines and the Scorecard.

Other Water Efficiency Resources

Check out the Sustainability resources page.