Exterior Paint Loan

Statement of Purpose
The Exterior Paint Loan has been established in order to improve the appearance and quality of neighborhoods throughout the City of Emeryville. The Program provides owner-occupied residences, assistance for exterior paint, clean-up, and improvements.

  • For an owner-occupied residence, the applicant shall reside in and hold title to the property to be assisted.
  • The owners houshold must be low income as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Household incomes include the combined gross income of all persons living in the residence age 18 years or older.
  • The property to be assisted can be a single family residence or duplex. For the paint loan, selection of 1 body color, 2 trim colors, and one deck and porch color is included in the loan. Incidental repairs such as minor trim and access door replacement may be considered as part of the paint loan. The work to be performed for the exterior clean-up / improvement loans includes, but is not limited to:
    • Minor landscaping
    • Driveway repair
    • Repair to an existing fence
    • Cutting back overgrowth
    • Removing all debris that can be a health, safety, and/or zoning issue
  • This loan may be used in conjunction with other programs offered by the city.
  • For properties that test positive for lead-based paint that is peeling, chalking, or cracking, abatement measures must be taken and completed by a certified lead abatement contractor.
  • No employee of the Program or person who exercises any function or responsibility in connection with the policies or administration of the program is eligible for assistance or may have any interest, direct or indirect, in the proceeds of the loan.
Financial Assistance
An owner shall receive only 1 Exterior Paint and Exterior Clean-Up / Improvement Grant every 7 years. Maximum grant amount for single family homes is $25,000.

The property owner will execute a forgivable promissory note in the amount of the loan to secure that the property will remain as affordable to a low and moderate income household.

Technical Assistance
Technical assistance provided may include property inspections to determine needed repairs, specification and authorization of repairs, selection of contractor and/or contractors, approval and disbursement of all contractor payments, and inspection of completed repairs.