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                              Toy Lending Library Now Open!

The Oakland Public Library (the City of Emeryville contracts with Oakland for library services) has announced the start of a pilot Toy Lending Library!

Library card holders can borrow up to two toys aimed at children 0- 6 years old. The toy lending collection consists of durable toys, such as baby blocks; life-like baby dolls; dinosaurs; zoo animals; cars; trucks and much, much more! Click here to browse the full toy catalog (toys can be pre-ordered and picked up at any Oakland library).
Toys are cleaned with Benfect Botanical Decon 30 upon return.
The branch library nearest to Emeryville is Golden Gate, located at 5606 San Pablo Avenue. The Golden Gate Library’s operating hours are:
  • Sundays CLOSED 
  • Mondays CLOSED 
  • Tuesdays 12:30-8pm 
  • Wednesdays 10am – 5:30pm 
  • Thursdays 10am - 5:30pm
  • Fridays 12 – 5:30pm 
  • Saturdays 10am – 5:30pm.
For more information, contact the Golden Gate Library.

About the Golden Gate Branch
Golden Gate has a collection of approximately 35,000 items. Circulating materials are largely of popular interest with a strong emphasis on fiction and jazz music. (Golden Gate is well known for its Golden Gate Friends sponsored Summer Jazz on Sundays series). The African American collection is one of the largest branch collections in the system. Special-interest collections include a small Performing Art Collection (including storytelling, reader's theatre, puppetry, and drama), and a collection of Chess "how-to" books for all ages. The East Indian collection includes books for adults and children in Hindi and Punjabi, DVDs of Hindi cinema ("Bollywood"), and CDs of many genres of classical, folk, and pop music from India.The branch is equipped with thirteen (13) computers with Internet access and word processing available for public use.  

 Interested in Applying For a Low Income (Section 8) Voucher?

The Alameda County Housing Authority (HACA) will open its wait list lottery for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program and begin accepting pre-applications on Wednesday, August 5, 2015 at 12:01 a.m. It will stop accepting pre-applications on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. 

No pre-applications will be accepted at the Housing Authority’s office. Pre-applications can only be submitted online.Note that applicants can use the computers at the City of Emeryville’s Recreation Center, 4300 San Pablo Avenue(on the corner of San Pablo and 47th Street)staff will be available to provide assistance) on the days listed below.  Read further to find out eligible household incomes as well as what you will need to complete the application.  
  • August 5 3 – 8 pm.
  • August 6 3 – 8 pm.
  • August 7 3 – 5 pm.
  • August 10 3 – 5 pm.
  • August 11 3 – 5 pm
This wait list lottery will also be used to fill vacancies for two-bedroom Public Housing units, one- and two- bedroom Moderate Rehabilitation units, and one- and two-bedroom Project-Based Voucher units. Visit the website at www.haca.net for more information about our programs.

Lottery: Due to limited funding availability, not all pre-applicants will be placed on the wait list. Pre- applications will be selected using a random lottery system. The time and date of receipt of the pre- application online during the wait list opening period has no bearing on whether a pre-application will be selected for the wait list; therefore, there is no need or advantage to applying immediately after the list opens. Out of all the pre-applications received, 5,000 pre-applications will be randomly selected for placement on the wait list. Once these 5,000 pre-applications are selected, claimed preferences will be applied and ties will be broken by the lottery number randomly assigned to the pre-application. You will receive a postcard by October 31, 2015, confirming if you won the lottery and your pre-application was accepted or rejected for placement on the wait list.

What is Section 8: Section 8 is a program that provides rental assistance to eligible very low-income families, and guarantees monthly payments to owners. The family’s portion of the rent is based on household income and ranges from 30% to 40% of the family’s adjusted monthly income. HACA pays the rest of the rent directly to the landlord. HACA serves all of Alameda County except the cities of Alameda, Berkeley, Livermore and Oakland. With some restrictions, Section 8 housing assistance lets you live in a unit and city of your choice.

Qualifications to Apply: Any family, single, elderly and/or disabled person may apply who meets the following qualifications: 1.) the Head of Household must be 18 years of age or older, or be an emancipated youth, at the time of application; 2.) at least one person listed on the pre-application must be a U.S. citizen, eligible immigrant or Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) petitioner; 3.) no person listed on the pre-application can be subject to a lifetime registration requirement under any of the 50 states’ sex offender registration program; 4.) no person listed on the pre-application can have been convicted of drug-related criminal activity for the production or manufacture of methamphetamine on the premises of federally-assisted housing; and 5.) the total income (including wages, Social Security benefits, pensions, child support, unemployment benefits, CalWin (TANF), General Assistance, etc.) of all the persons listed on the pre-application must not exceed the following:

Household Size

Income Limit

Household Size

Income Limit

Household Size

Income Limit

1 Person


5 Persons


9 Persons


2 Persons


6 Persons


10 Persons


3 Persons


7 Persons


11 Persons


4 Persons


8 Persons


12 Persons


How to Apply: Pre-applications will be accepted on-line ONLY and may be submitted anytime day or night during the opening time period from any computer with Internet access. Other devices such as mobile phones and tablets with Internet access may also be used; however, not all operating systems support this pre-application.  If your device does not allow you to successfully submit your pre-application you will need to use a computer to submit your pre-application.   No paper pre-applications will be accepted.

1. Be prepared by having the names, dates of birth, and Social Security Numbers available for all persons who will be listed on your pre-application. You will also need to know the total yearly gross income (before taxes) for all persons listed on your pre-application. You will list all the amounts together as one dollar amount.
2. Complete the pre-application on-line at www.haca.net by clicking on “Apply Now.” The pre- application will be available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese.
3. Submit a completed pre-application between 12:01 a.m. on August 5, 2015 and 11:59 p.m. on August 11, 2015. Pre-applications submitted after this period will be rejected and not accepted to the wait list.
4. Print your receipt or write down your Pre-Application Confirmation Number.  A confirmation receipt is issued immediately after the pre-application is submitted. Print and save this confirmation. You will receive a postcard by October 31, 2015, confirming if you won the lottery and your pre- application was accepted or rejected for placement on the wait list. You will not receive further contract from HACA until HACA is ready to offer you assistance.
5. Recorded information is available by calling:


(510) 727-8588


(510) 727-8546


(510) 727-8530


(510) 727-8594


(510) 727-8552



Reasonable Accommodation, Limited English Proficiency and Computer/Internet Access: Any computer with Internet access can be used to complete the pre-application. If you need computer access, are elderly (62 or older), have a disability, or are limited English proficient and require assistance to complete and submit your pre-application, please see the Application Centers chart at www.haca.net or pick one up at our office.

For persons with disabilities, if these application centers do not meet your needs, reasonable accommodations will be provided. A request for reasonable accommodation should be received by HACA no later than 11:59 p.m. Saturday, August 8, 2015, so that we have time to assist you before the wait list closes. Requests for reasonable accommodation can be made by submitting an email to ra@haca.net or leaving a voicemail at (510) 727-8512. Be sure to clearly state your name, telephone number and the reasonable accommodation you are requesting (e.g., I am a home-bound disabled person without Internet access who needs assistance with submitting my pre-application). Do not provide medical details of the disability in your email or voicemail.

NO Charge to Apply: There is no cost to apply for housing and a credit report is not needed to apply. Do not use any other website or search engine (like Google) to apply in order to ensure you are not charged for your application and are not subjected to possible identity theft. The best way to find the correct website to fill out the pre-application is to type www.haca.net directly into the website address bar usually located at the top left of the browser on the computer screen. Then follow the links to the pre-application.

Note:  No applicant has the right or entitlement to be listed on the wait list, or to any particular position on the wait list.  Placement on the wait list does not indicate that the family is, in fact, eligible for assistance. Determination of eligibility will be made when the family is selected from the wait list.
                  Proposed AC Transit Route Changes




AC Transit is once again seeking your feedback on proposed route changes. The latest service expansion proposals include improvements to reliability, increased frequency, and modifications to route structure.
Comments may be submitted in the following ways by
July 31, 2015.
  1. Via an online survey, about specific bus lines, within five geographic areas: 
Richmond/San Pablo/El Cerrito (West CC County) Proposed Improvements
Albany/Berkeley/Emeryville Proposed Improvements
Oakland/Piedmont Proposed Improvements
San Leandro/Hayward (Central County) Proposed Improvements
Fremont/Newark (South County) Proposed Improvements
      2. Email the Planning Department
      3. By phone:
      English: 510-891-7293
      Spanish: 510-891-7291
      Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin): 510-891-7292
      4. By USPS: AC Transit Planning Department-SEP Comments,
         1600 Franklin St., Oakland,      CA, 94612

Members of the AC Transit community have been collaborating with AC Transit since 2014. This round of input will allow AC Transit to finalize the recommendations for the formal public hearing process conducted by the Board of Directors to approve the plan scheduled for Fall 2015.  AC Transit intends to begin implementing the service recommendations in the Spring of 2016.
              Proposed Emery Go Round Shuttle/
Property Based Improvement District (PBID) Extension

The City Council has initiated ballot proceedings to establish a new Citywide Property and Business Improvement District (PBID). The PBID was first established in 2001 and then renewed in 2006 for another 10 years through FY 2015-2016 (service year is calendar year 2016) as a means of funding the Emery Go-Round Shuttle (EGR). The proposed new PBID extension, if adopted, would continue for 15 years (through Fiscal Year 2029-2030) with the assessment fee for each parcel varying according to trip generation based upon land use and route access.

Starting the 3rd week in June, all property owners – residential and commercial) will be mailed ballots regarding the proposed new PBID according to Proposition 218 and PBID State law. Each ballot will include the proposed assessment to be levied for each respective parcel owned. The mail-in ballots (postage provided) will be due no later than Tuesday, August 4. If supported by property owners and adopted by the City Council, the proposed PBID will replace the existing property and business improvement district, which was authorized to levy assessments through Fiscal Year 2015/16.If the proposed PBID is not approved by property owners, the existing property and business improvement district will levy a final parcel assessment for Fiscal Year 2015/16.

A copy of the Management District Plan, including an Engineer’s Report, which describes in detail the improvements and services provided by the proposed PBID, the nature of the special benefits conferred on property within the proposed PBID, and the method of assessment, is available online and is on file with the City Clerk.

The proposed PBID will have a 15-year life beginning with the levy for Fiscal Year 2015/16, and ending with Fiscal Year 2029/30, however, the City Council does have the ability by supermajority to terminate the PBID earlier. After 15 years, the approval by property owner ballot process must be repeated for the PBID to continue further.

The City Council will be conducting a Public Hearing regarding the proposed PBID per Proposition 218 and PBID State law. The Public Hearing will be held at the City of Emeryville Council Chambers, 1333 Park Avenue, Emeryville, California on August 4, 2015, at 7:15 p.m. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard. All interested persons are invited to attend and express opinions on the matter of the proposed PBID. After the Public Hearing, the ballots will be counted. Considering the outcome of the ballot process as well as comments made at the Public Hearing, the City Council will take action regarding the proposed PBID on August 4.

Property Owners of record who desire to submit an assessment ballot must mail or personally deliver a completed assessment ballot, provided, however, all assessment ballots must be received by the City Clerk prior to the close of the Public Hearing to be counted. 
      Poet Laureate Applications Due September 1

Emeryville is seeking proposals from professional poets who live or work in Emeryville to serve as the City’s third Poet Laureate. Through the continuous appointment each two-years of a City of Emeryville Poet Laureate, the City brings literary arts to the community and expands the City’s range of creative endeavors.

Guidelines of the Emeryville Poet Laureate Program
Selected poet will:  
  • Will serve as the literary ambassador - November 2015 to October 2017. 
  • Must live or work in Emeryville, and be at least 18 years of age. 
  • Must submit evidence of previously published or preformed pieces with no less than ten poems, spoken word, poetry slams, film, new media or other performances. 
  • Must engage the community in a discourse about poetry 
  • Must present his or her work to the public and Emeryville K-12 students. 
  • Allow selected poems to be published, duplicated, framed and installed in public venues.
  • Agree to be photographed or video graphed at readings and other events for distribution in City newsletters and broadcast on City-sponsored cable television. 
Duties of the Emeryville Poet Laureate
  • Represent the City of Emeryville and the poetic arts through participation in poetry events and interviews. 
  • Present poetry at no less than three events per year. These events may vary from year-to-year but could include one reading at a scheduled City events and one reading in the schools. 
  • Act as an advocate and resource for poetry and literary events in Emeryville. 
  • Accept invitations, as schedule permits, for interviews with the media, and to submit works for publication on the City website and other outreach vehicles. 
Revised Selection Schedule
Call for Nominations posted -- May 22, 2015
Submissions for Poet Laureate due – September 1, 2015
Review of Submissions by Selection Panel – Week of September 1 , 2015
Appointment of Emeryville Poet Laureate by City Council – October 20, 2015

Poet Laureate will be paid an honorarium of $1,500 for the two-year term to be distributed in a yearly stipend of $750 in January 2016 and 2017.

See website for the complete call. Background can be found here.

Have questions? Call Amber Evans, City of Emeryville Community Development Coordinator, at 510-596-4382 or by email.
              Coffee with Alameda County Supervisor 
                        Keith Carson and Mayor Atkin

         coffee with keith
Upcoming Transbay BART Closures
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National Night Out

NNO 2015


Recreation Programs
The Community Services Department of Emeryville brings you a large variety of pre-k, youth, teen, adult, and senior programming, community special events, sports, and more. View the activity guide for more information on what we offer today!

Summer Concerts Series
summer concert series-flyer

                           New Police Chief – Community Input Wanted!
 The City of Emeryville is currently recruiting for a new Chief of Police and would like to obtain community input as to the desired characteristics and qualities of the individual. A special email account has been established to solicit community input. Please submit your thoughts and ideas to COPrecruitment@emeryville.org. Thank you in advance
                                Public Safety Alert

The Emeryville Police Department and the Alameda County Fire Department (the ACFD provides fire services to Emeryville) are also encouraging residents to sign up for NIXLE, a nation-wide public safety alert system.  Simply text any zip code to 888777 and receive real-time alerts and advisories from the City and other public agencies.  This is a great way of keeping up with public safety alerts throughout the Bay Area and even travelling nation-wide just by entering the local zip code. There is no charge for registering but standard text messaging rates associated with your mobile phone service will apply.  You can opt out anytime by texting “STOP” to 888777.

If you're texting a zip code to 888777 and using NIXLE for the first time, you can retrieve a temporary password to complete the registration process here. Completing the registration process will allow you to fully customize how messages reach you - whether by mobile phone, email, or over the web at www.nixle.com - you decide!
                City Council/City Council as Successor Agency 
                               to the Redevelopment Agency

City Council Meetings
On Tuesday, August 4 at7:15pm., the City Council is holding a special City Council meeting starting and public hearing on the proposed Citywide Property and Business Assessment District (PBID).

The next regular City Council/City Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 1.  Meetings are broadcast live and rebroadcast on ETV: Channel 27 and can be viewed live and are archived on the City’s website. Finalized Council/Agency agendas and agenda reports are viewable and  can be downloaded through the City's website  starting the Friday before the meeting.  

Emeryville Oversight Board
The regular Emeryville Oversight Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22. ( The Board will be in summer recess during August) Meetings are broadcast live and rebroadcast on ETV: Channel 27 and can be viewed live and are archived on the City’s website
The Emeryville Oversight Board is charged with determining which remaining financial obligations of the former Emeryville Redevelopment Agency are enforceable obligations under AB26x,the State law that eliminated all redevelopment agencies and requires that funds not needed to fulfill enforceable obligations are remitted to State and other regional/local regional taxing agencies. More information regarding the Emeryville Oversight Board can be found on the City’s website. 

For the latest City events and activities, please see the calendar.

Advisory Body Vacancies
For current City Advisory Body Vacancies, click here.

Job Openings
For current City of Emeryville Job Openings, click here.
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