Parks and Recreation Committee

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Amended: June 18, 2019
Committee Type Community Advisory Standing Committee
Created October 2, 2012
Official Action Resolution No. 12-186; Resolution No. 17-39 (reduced committee membership from 9 to 7); Resolution No. 17-158 (amended regular meeting schedule); Resolution No. 18-169 (amended Committee membership composition)
Definition/Purpose Provide input and recommendations regarding City policies, priorities and feedback related to the City’s recreation programs, cultural events, and activities; public use of parks; development of new parks and enhancements to existing parks and recreation facilities, as outlined in the Park and Recreation Strategic Plan.
Committee Composition Up to 7 Members:
  • 1 Emery Unified School District Representative (appointed by Emery Unified School Board)
  • 1 Planning Commissioner (appointed by Planning Commission)
  • 1 Senior Community Member (appointed by Commission on Aging)
  • 4 Community Members
Committee Facts Committee members shall receive no compensation. However, members may receive reimbursement for actual expenses incidental to carrying out the duties of the office, provided that they have first received specific City Council authorization for, and can verify, the expenditure and its purpose. City of Emeryville elected officials may not serve on this Committee. The City of Emeryville does not specifically prohibit concurrent service on more than one committee, provided, however, that the Government Code prohibition against incompatible offices shall apply. If a request were made to serve on more than one committee, a determination would be made as to whether that service would be allowable.
Term(s) 2 Years, Staggered (expiring June 30)
*EUSD Representative, Planning Commission and Senior Community Member terms coincide with own advisory body terms.
Regular Meeting Monthly
3rd Wednesday
5:30 PM
Emeryville Center of Community Life (4727 San Pablo Avenue, Emeryville)
Vice Chairperson
Secretary Brad Helfenberger, Youth & Adult Services Manager
City Council Liaison Council Member Scott Donahue
  1. Sasheen Andregg, Community Member (Term ending June 30, 2021)
  2. Zoë Chafe, Community Member (Term ending June 30, 2021)
  3. Gail Donaldson, Planning Commissioner (Term ending June 30, 2020)
  4. Jack Ghizzoni, Community Member (Term ending June 30, 2018)
  5. Patricia Weber, Community Member(Term ending June 30, 2020)
  6. TBD, Emery Unified School Board Representative (Term TBD)
  7. TBD, Senior Community Member (Term TBD)
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