Emeryville California
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Look Closely
 Look Closely

During the summer of 2005, the artist team "Wowhaus" undertook design development and conducted workshops with the community to develop imagery for the art located at the Doyle Street pocket park. In April 2006, Wowhaus completed the installation of "Look Closely," a series of functional seating sculptures fabricated of pigmented concrete with etched granite insets depicting natural elements that have been placed along several locations on Doyle Street between 59th Street and Ocean Avenue. In the words of the artists, "as pedestrians walk along the Greenway they will be encouraged to slow down, look closely at both the art work and the nature around them."

"Look Closely" includes three curved benches on the semi-circular path near the Emeryville Community Organic Garden; a circular, central "seat/table"; five "touchstones" - boulder-like seating forms; installations of etched granite insets designed by community youth; and a curved bench installed in the landscaped pocket park just north of Ocean Avenue.

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