Climate Resilient Street Trees

43rd Street Tree 2008

Climate Resilient Street Tree List for New Development Sites

The following list of recommended tree species is from Steve and Molly Batchelder of SBCA Tree Consulting and Emeryville’s current tree inventory, cross-referenced with the iTree GHG calculator. Low carbon sequesters have been eliminated from the list. Steve and Molly have gone through the list in March 2016 to update the recommendations for best species to plant in Emeryville. Drought tolerance and compatible growing conditions were prioritized. Developers and architects working on new development plans should consult this list of recommended tree species when selecting landscaping for their properties. 

Water use ranges from drought tolerant, low, moderate, and high.  Moderate to high water use should be used sparingly and in park settlings with supplemental irrigation.

Stature is tree size at maturity.  S is 20-30’, M is 30-60’, and L is 60-120’.  These also are correlative with soil volume requirements, where S is 600 cubic feet of rootable soil, M is 900 cubic feet, and L is 1200 cubic feet

Drought tolerance can be improved by increasing the available soil volume requirements.


Download the Climate Resilient Street Tree List