ADA Coordinator


The ADA Coordinator for Emeryville is responsible for supervising city compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This includes:
  • Implementing accommodation, auxiliary aid, and barrier removal requests
  • Resolving ADA grievances filed by citizens
  • Creating and maintaining blue curbs and other handicapped parking places with the Public Works Department

Guidelines for Installation for Exclusive Use of Disabled Persons on Public Streets Within the City of Emeryville

Pursuant to §4-9.04(d) of the Emeryville Municipal Code (“EMC”), the Transportation Committee, with consent of City Council, may designate street parking zones for the exclusive use of vehicles displaying disabled person’s placards or license plates.  The purpose of this memorandum is to establish guidelines for applications by local businesses and/or residents (Applicant) for a disabled parking zone  on public streets within the City of Emeryville pursuant to Resolution No. 08-63.   Applications for blue curbed disabled parking on City streets shall be reviewed and acted upon a case-by-case basis by the City of Emeryville, American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator using the following guidelines.  The ADA Coordinator shall review such zones every two years.

Applicants are advised that disabled parking zones are available to persons possessing a valid plate or placard designating permission from the California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) to use disabled parking.  All parking regulations set forth in the California State Vehicle Code (CVC) and Emeryville Municipal Code (EMC) are in enforce.

The City desires to maximize accessibility by providing requested blue zones at the shortest accessible route of travel from Applicant’s business or residence; however, the placement of such zones must be consistent with the requirements of accessibility laws and congruent with the general scheme of the neighborhood.  Hence, blue zones will be located, to the maximum extent possible, as near to the entrance of Applicant’s residence or business, where possible.

The Public Works Department shall be responsible for implementing and monitoring this policy.

Requests by Busi​nesses

Blue curbed parking zones on City streets when requested by local businesses shall only be established where a demonstrated need for such space is shown.  The City has no obligation to provide disabled parking on City streets.  The following criteria may be considered in determining whether a demonstrated need is shown:

  • Employees of the business may use such space on a regular basis.
  • Off-street parking is unavailable or where available, such parking is not accessible to persons with disabilities, as required by State and/or Federal laws, where applicable.
  • Parking in the proposed area and on surrounding City streets is frequently not available requiring a disabled person to park an unreasonable distance from the business or requiring usage of routes creating accessibility issues for disabled patrons.
  • An unobstructed access aisle of at least 36 inches in width parallel to the vehicle space is available.
  • The surface of accessible parking spaces on streets and access aisles from street parking should not exceed a 2% slope (1:50) in any direction.

Requests by Residents

Blue curbed parking zones on City streets when requested by disabled residents of Emeryville shall only be established where a demonstrated need for such space is shown.  The City has no obligation to provide disabled parking zones on residential streets; however, the City will offer disabled residents a blue curbed parking zone on the shortest accessible route of travel from Applicant’s residence, where possible.

Applicant must demonstrate a sufficient need for on-street parking and a corresponding shortage of available or vacant accessible parking.  The following criteria and conditions may be considered in determining whether a demonstrated need is shown:

  • Applicant must be a resident of the address in question.  The applicant shall provide one form of proof of residency (i.e. utility bill, State or Federal issued picture identification, or rental agreement).
  • Applicant has a validly issued permanent disabled persons placard or license plate from the DMV, and is prepared to show proof of such with adequate State issued pictured identification.  Applicants issued a temporary disability placard or plate by DMV for less than one calendar year are not eligible for installation of a blue curbed space, unless extenuating circumstances are demonstrated.
  • Residential applicant’s blue zones should meet the accessibility needs of the primary vehicle owned and operated by the Applicant.
  • Have no viable access to off-street parking or where no accessible route of travel is available from existing parking to residence.  The following specifications are examples of access issues the City may consider:
    • Garage, Carport, and Driveway Specifications.  Applicants with a garage, carport, or driveway that is not accessible due to the width of the space. 
    • Driveway is too steep to allow for entry or exit from a vehicle onto a mobility device, driveway slope larger than 5%.

If the Applicant meets the above criteria, the following requirements must be met and conditions agreed to before implementation:

  • The disabled parking zone is not a private space and must be shared with other vehicles licensed to park in a blue zone on a first come, first serve basis.  All vehicles which display disabled license plates or placards may park, without limit, in restricted time parking spaces; however, disabled spaces must be used pursuant to CVC and EMC.

Applicant is under a duty to inform the City if the zone is no longer required, and the City has the option of removing such zone.