FREE for Emeryville residents!

Neighborhood Bulky Spring Clean-Up 

The annual neighborhood Spring Clean-Up takes place Monday & Tuesday in mid-April, on your regularly scheduled trash pickup day. 

All Emeryville residential buildings within the designated areas are eligible for the free April "Spring Cleanup" bulky pickup event. Place your bulky items (no more than two cubic yards or approximately 16 trash bags) at your curb on your regularly scheduled pickup day for removal. Larger apartment complexes or buildings without available curb space should contact their apartment manager for removal instructions.  

Designated Pickup Zones

 SFD NeighborhoodsIn addition to the Spring Cleanup bulky event, all residential account holders in the cleanup area are entitled to one free on-call pickup annually. Residential multi-family account holders outside of the cleanup area are entitled to two free on-call pickups annually with properties greater than 500 units entitled to four. Account holders should call Waste Management at 510-613-8710 to schedule additional bulky item pick-ups. For questions, please contact waste management customer service at 510-613-8710 or 

Holiday Tree Collection 

On your day of collection during the month of January.  Single family properties, set your Unadorned, clean real trees out at the curb for collection.  Stands, if wood can be placed in your green cart.  Other adornments go in the trash cart. 

Multi-family residents in single family neighborhoods, follow the above same protocol.  (Doyle Street and Triangle neighborhoods) Larger Multi-family properties contact your property manager.  If you are a property manager for a large property, contact WM to arrange collection for your property.WebCompostPail

FREE Kitchen Compost Pail & Recycling Tote Bag:

The City of Emeryville offers free kitchen compost pails and recycling tote bags to Tote bagresidents for their composting and recycling needs. Call 510-596-3795 or email to get your free pail or tote bag or contact your HOA/apartment management for more information.

What Do I Do With This Item?

All Items: Ever wonder what to put where in your curbside bin? Wonder no more! StopWaste’s new RE:Source guide allows you to search Emeryville’s guidelines for everything from milk cartons to clamshells. 

Mattresses can be properly disposed of several ways. Every residential address gets two free bulky pickups per year (Spring Cleanup in April and one scheduled at your discretion) Call (510) 613-8710 to schedule your free bulky pickup. Mattresses can also be brought to the Davis Street or Berkeley transfer stations. Visit for more information. 

Batteries are prohibited from trash collection.  Place them in a plastic bag, on top of your GRAY recycling cart and Waste Management will collect them.  If you don't have a gray recycling cart, find out where you can properly dispose of batteries with the StopWaste Re:Source search tool. 

Medications can be dropped off at these any of these kiosks for proper disposal. Please click here to see a full map of kiosk locations in Alameda County.  

Household Hazardous Waste is disposed of at the Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste Facility. Please click here for more information on disposing items such as paints, solvents, chemicals, pesticides, and sharps.

For printable sorting guides on what goes where and services brochures:
- Single Family
- Multi-family
- Business

Collection Service Information

To find your collection service information for the City of Emeryville, go to this website and choose your type of service from the menu on the left hand side of the page. 

Waste Management of Alameda County is the franchised hauler for trash, recycling, and compostables collection for businesses and residents, as well as most construction and demolition waste.  Click on a link below for more information:

Franchise Agreement
Current Rate Sheet  (left tab)
Franchise Amendment 2020

 To report problems or get answers to questions not covered on the website, email or call the City at 510-596-3795.