Construction & Demolition Waste

A note to contractors:

You must have proof that your final (Post) Waste Management Plan has been completed and approved before calling to schedule a final inspection.

Please note waste diversion requirements:

Requirements for projects receiving a Building Permit dated Nov. 2, 2017 or later: a project must divert from the landfill 65% of waste materials removed from the site, excluding Alternative Daily Cover (ADC).  The City continues to enforce State requirements, but in addition, the City will not allow  ADC to be counted as diversion, since this is material that is placed on the active face of a landfill at the end of the day.  In addition to California Building Code requirements, the City of Emeryville will include demolition-only projects as subject to the City requirements.  Read the full ordinance for more information.

Exemptions: Projects generating less than 2 lbs. per square foot of project space, and residential remodeling projects that don't increase the livable space of the building will be exempt from this requirements.  All other permitted construction and demolition projects will be subject to the above requirements.  

Tip:  To increase project overall diversion, if a facility does not divert at least 65% of mixed materials without ADC:

  • 1st consider salvaging items or materials for re-use either on-site or elsewhere, and
  •  2nd, sort and haul single materials such as metal, concrete, wood, which are diverted at nearly 100%.
  • 3rd, ask your facility what their diversion rate is WITHOUT ADC, to plan how to achieve 65% for the full project

Fees for Waste Management Plans are as follows: 

Online at Green Halo Systems$135

Paper submittal: $406 (Paper form obtained by request from City Staff or print from the link below.)

Important Documents

Everything a contractor needs to know about Waste Management Plans (WMP) for the City of Emeryville:

  • Contractor's Guide explains requirements for Waste Management Plans.
  • Save all weight tickets to submit with the final WMP
  • Please see the City's Master Fee Schedule for fees associated with submitting a Waste Management Plan.

To submit your Plan on paper, use this form:

To submit your Waste Management Plan online, go to Green Halo Systems.