South Bayfront Bridge/Horton Landing Park

Upcoming Construction:

Work on the East side bridge foundations has commenced.  Pile Driving for the East side is scheduled to commence approximately May 13 and should be complete by end of May/beginning of June.   After piles have been placed for the east side structures (Bridge Support, East Ramp, East Stair, and a new short span bridge across Temescal Creek Channel) the contractor is expected to begin soil remediation work within the Horton Landing Park area.

The Project

The City of Emeryville is building a new bridge over Union Pacific Railroad tracks for pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as an adjacent park. Construction started January 6, 2020 and is expected to finish around October 15, 2021.

Bayfront bridge front angle

The South Bayfront Bridge will connect Ohlone Way and the Bay Street area with Horton Street across the tracks. The bridge will span 227 feet and pass over Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way.

Horton Landing Park

The new Horton Landing Park will be built on the east side of the train tracks. It will be a new addition to the Emeryville Greenway.  Pathways in the park will connect the bridge to adjacent streets at Horton Street just south of 53rd St and near Stanford Ave.  The greenway within Horton Landing Park will connect to a future greenway segment that extends southward to Sherwin near Halleck St.

Construction will be done by Ghilotti Construction. For more images and the details about the construction bidding, please see this slideshow.

Project Documents are available as follows:

  • Project Plans
  • Project Specifications
  • Executed Contract and related Documents
  • Insurance Forms

Project Status:

First phase of work began on the west side of the railroad crossing within the Bay Street Shops and adjacent to Residences along Ohlone Way.  The second phase of construction has commenced on the east side of the railroad tracks.

The advancement of this project has continued through the COVID-19 Pandemic shelter in place order.  Minor disruptions in progress have occurred though the full extent remains uncertain.  The City and the Contractor are working together to conform to the latest Health Orders issued by Alameda County and the State of California to minimize infection risks to workers, residents and the general public.   

West side work involves constructing reinforced concrete stairs, ramps, and the support for the elevated steel Arch Span Bridge. Stair foundations and vertical supports are completed.  Falsework is being placed to create the stairs.  In May steel reinforcement and concrete will be placed for the portion of the stair West of the Bay Street Garage Bridge.  

The west side of the West Ramp is complete with regard to foundations and vertical supports.  Ramp deck slabs are being made offsite with fabrication started as of April 30th.  Falsework will be placed on the Ramp vertical supports in May. The cap for Arch Span west support will built in May.  Effort will be made to install falsework for the Stair east of the Bay Street Garage Bridge starting in May.

With the falsework installed clearances along Ohlone Way and into the South Bay Street Garage have been decreased for large trucks.  Safety devices have been installed to warn large equipment operators of the changed clearances but caution is still requested for everyone.

Project Documents are available as follows: