Public Open Space

Emeryville has an abundance of art installations in our public open space.

public slide intro

peninsula tell-tail

Travel down to the Marina to see Peninsula Tell-tail and Overlook by Anita Margrill.

horizontal look closely and ascend

Bike by Look Closely by Wowhaus and Ascend* by Joey Rose on the Emeryville Greenway...

*To learn more about the location and interpretation of Ascend, visit the Murals at the Greenway page.

horizontal neighborhood convergence and shellmound gateway

…and keep an eye out for Neighborhood Convergence by Vickie Jo Sowell under the I-80 freeway and Shellmound Gateway by R&R Studios under Powell St.

reflection of time

Enjoy Reflection of Time by Masayuki Nagase while picnicking in Doyle Hollis Park…

sign of the times and bus shelter

...and keep your eyes peeled throughout the city of Signs of the Times by Seyed Alavi and the Bus Shelter installations. 

Other work in public spaces includes Manta and Sine Wave by Michael Greenwald at the Joseph Emery SkatePark.