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Upcoming Public Art

Marina Public Art

A developed site on the eastern edge of San Francisco Bay, the Emeryville Marina presents a unique opportunity for artists to celebrate the Marina as a gateway to Emeryville, the site’s spectacular views and the cherished shoreline, while defining an icon for the little city by the Bay. The Public Art Committee prioritized an art installation here as an initial priority in implementing the Public Art Master Plan. As of late 2019, the Committee is considering several options for the Marina Public Art installation.


The Public Art Master Plan adopted in 2016 identifies a Murals Program among the conceptual programs and projects that may be undertaken. The Public Art Committee has drafted a set of program guidelines to provide a means for evaluating dissemination of Public Art funds for both public murals and public/private partnership mural projects. Read the full Murals Program Guidelines here.

Existing Murals:

murals program homepage

In 2018 the City piloted the Mural program with a commission of a mural on the Emeryville Greenway; to learn more about this work see the Emeryville Greenway Mural Pilot Program page.

Bus Shelter 

bus shelter     

The Bus Shelter art installations brighten the mundane with original works from Emeryville artists celebrating flora and fauna. Artists have been chosen through a juried process and employ an amazing range of media, including pen and ink, digital collage, drawings, mixed media sculpture, oil on canvas, painting and collage, scanned plant material, acrylic and oil on panel, and neon sculpture. Learn more by visiting the Bus Shelters page [LINK TO NEW PAGE].

Purchase Award

purchase award

The Exhibit Purchase Award Program, established in 2005, has built the city’s permanent art collection through the yearly acquisition of an art work. The program reinforces the city’s commitment to the arts and, at the same time, expands the city’s main government building to another purpose. City Hall now serves as a showcase for the engaging works of local artists to the delight of all those who work and visit the building. Learn more about the Purchase Award Program here [LINK TO NEW PAGE]..