40th Street Multimodal Project

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40th Street Multimodal Project

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Focused outreach to residents, business, and property owners on along Hubbard, Holden, Haven, or Watts St. and have you received an outreach mailer from us? Please contact us to schedule a meeting with you to discuss the project and better understand your loading, parking, and access needs!

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EmeryvilleCA-061417-40th Street17EmeryvilleCA-061417-40th Street11Existing Conditions: Bus stop along 40th and shared bicycle lane.

Project Summary

The City of Emeryville developed the 40th Street Concept Plan to improve conditions for bus riders, pedestrians, and cyclists. The Project will reduce travel time for buses by creating bus-only lanes in both directions along 40th Street. A two-way separated bikeway on the north side of 40th will improve access and safety for cyclists. It will also provide bicycle and pedestrian intersection improvements, bus stop passenger boarding areas, and streetscaping including green infrastructure (natural storm water treatment), and public art.Emery-03es_2018

Conceptual Design for Transit Hub – looking east from San Pablo Avenue intersection.

Bus Hub-04es

Conceptual Design for Transit Hub – looking west from above Adeline Street intersection.

On March 3, 2020, the Council approved the 40th and San Pablo Bus Hub Project Final Report and added items to the approval resolution for consideration in the final engineering design phase; this is the work taking place now. In 2021, the City received $3,174,000 for the Design Phase from Alameda CTC for transit improvements and from the statewide Active Transportation Program for pedestrian and bicycle improvements. In 2022, the City received $3,800,000 from the statewide Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program for construction of a transportation project to support infill and compact development that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Lastly in May 2023, the City received notice that they will be awarded $8,376,000 from Alameda CTC's Comprehensive Investment Program 2024 which coveres the remaining construction funding gap for the Phase 1 portion of the Project. 

The City is exploring an extension of the bicycle and bus improvements north on Shellmound Street to Christie Avenue, the 40th Street Multimodal Project Phase 2: Bay Trail Gap Closure Project.



Project Map Overview for Phase 1 and Phase 2

Project Benefits

The City has identified 40th Street as a major Transit Street and Regional Retail Access Route, designating this street a major multimodal connector within Emeryville. The Project will improve connections to employment, services, and regional transit, including the MacArthur BART Station, San Pablo Avenue, and the Bay Trail.

The multimodal improvements will provide safety upgrades for cyclists, pedestrians and optimize transit efficiency. A traffic study, based on pre-COVID traffic levels, estimates that these changes would reduce eastbound bus travel times by 1.5 minutes during the evening rush hour. They would increase westbound auto and truck travel times by 1.2 minutes during the evening rush hour and 1.0 minutes during the morning rush hour.

40th-Final Report Figure 16Proposed Diagrammatic Section of Multimodal Street Design at 40th Street.

Current Efforts

Refinements to the 40th Street Multimodal Project (Phase 1)

Holden St_Scene 1

Concept sketches of community green at closure of unsignalized intersection

The City is now moving forward with design refinements including changes to access at unsignalized intersections between 40th Street and streets to the north at the request of the City Council. In this proposal, the city studied the closure of all unsignalized intersections, Hubbart, Holden, Haven, and Watts. Proposed access to those streets will be maintained via 1) Park Avenue from signalized streets along 40th Street, 2) Park and 45th from Hollis Street, or 3) Park and 45th from San Pablo Avenue.

On May 8, 2023 the Transportation Committee recommended that the full Council approve the changes to access at unsignalized intersections. Following Council approval of the refinements this Summer, the City will begin preparing construction documents with construction projected to begin as soon as late Spring 2024.