Mission, Values and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

The mission of the Emeryville Police Department is to protect life and property, to provide a safe respectful environment for people to live, work, and play. We achieve this through professional, proactive, fair and impartial policing in partnership with the community. 

Vision Statement

The Emeryville Police Department embraces the challenge of change and builds community trust while continually enhancing the safety, environment, quality of life, and economic vitality of Emeryville's diverse community and neighborhoods.

Values Statement

Pride: We take pride in what we do, how we do it and why we do it. We honor the nobility of our profession

Fair: and Impartial Policing: We treat all persons with respect, dignity and fairness

Neutrality: We make decisions based on fact and not personal biases

Integrity: We are ethical. We communicate openly and listen actively and serve with transparency.

Teamwork: We believe in using teams and collaboration to solve problems.

Trust: We commit ourselves to building trust and being trustworthy

Wellness: We care about each other's wellbeing, and we support each other in meaningful ways