Request Police Report


Get Your Police Report

If you are a victim of a crime and are listed as such, or are listed as being involved in a traffic accident, you may obtain a copy of a police report by completing a request form at the Emeryville Police Department's Police Services counter. You can also request a copy via online form. Some reports are protected by State and Federal laws and cannot be released.

  • Records are released ten days after the formal request has been made and all supporting documentation has been received. For example: copy of government issued identification, requests on business letterhead with identification, payment (if applicable).
  • Once the Records Specialist has confirmed receipt of information, processing begins. If additional information or time is needed, you will be notified via email or telephone.
  • If it is found the report requested is still “ACTIVE”, meaning currently being investigated by either our department or the District Attorney; the report cannot be released. However, you have the right to request a copy from the District Attorney’s office via discovery.
  • Once the process is complete, there are two ways to obtain the report: pick up in person or mailed via USPS. Reports are not emailed.