Council Members

  1. Priforce-Resized

    Kalimah A. Priforce

    Council Member

  1. Mourra-Resized

    David Mourra

    Council Member

  1. Bauters-Resized

    John J. Bauters


  1. Welch-Resized

    Courtney Welch

    Vice Mayor

  1. Kaur-Resized

    Sukhdeep Kaur

    Council Member

The City Council is the governing body of the City of Emeryville. Its 5 members are elected at-large by the Emeryville electorate for 4-year staggered terms. Elections are held in even-numbered years, with three (3) Councilmembers elected in one cycle, and two (2) Councilmembers elected in the alternate cycle.

In accordance with California Government Code Section 36502 (a), a person is not eligible to hold office as a council member unless they are, at the time of assuming the office, an elector of the city, and are a registered voter of the city at the time nomination papers are issued to the candidate as provided for in Section 10227 of the California Elections Code. If, during their term of office, they move to a place of residence outside of the city limits or cease to be an elector of the city, their office shall immediately become vacant.

Each year, the City Council selects a Mayor and Vice Mayor from among themselves. The City Council also serves as the legislative body for the City as Successor Agency to the Emeryville Redevelopment Agency.

Visit the California Fair Political Practices Commission website to search City Council Statements of Economic Interests (FPPC Form 700).