Educational Program

The Emeryville Child Development Center

Our program goals are:

  • To maintain a loving and supportive environment necessary for emotional security which we believe leads to intellectual freedom.
  • To interact with the children organically - observe, intercede creatively and respectfully when needed to solve conflicts.
  • To guide children to accept challenges and give children sources of greater knowledge.
  • To have innovative, individualized programs designed to meet the developmental needs of all age groups.
  • To put concerns in question form- teachers learn from the children and are open to an unexpected answer.
  • To not interrupt an involved child unless necessary. We strive to give children the time and space to figure things out for themselves.
  • To nurture what is special about each child
For activities and environment to be developmentally appropriate; fun and interesting to the kids; and open ended to encourage exploration, risk taking and problem solving.

Teachers use the California State Early Learning Foundations as the curriculum guide.  These Foundations address the essential social-emotional, cognitive, and physical skills that children need for ongoing success meshed with the DRDP Desired Results Developmental Profile. The assessments line up with the curriculum to best serve each child’s developmental needs.  

The Center features age appropriate programs with some of the best caregiver-to-child ratios anywhere in the Bay Area. The available programs (and ratios) are: Infant (1:3), Younger Toddler (1:4), Older Toddler (1:6) and Pre-K (1:8). 

For more information, call the Center at (510) 596-4343.