Fast Track Foundation-Only Permits

Requesting the Partial Permit
An applicant may request a partial permit before the plans and specifications for the entire building have been submitted or approved. If a partial permit is issued, the permit holder shall proceed at his or her own risk, without assurance that the permit for the entire building or structure will be granted. For any questions, contact the Building Division at 510-596-4310.

Applications for foundation-only permits shall include the following:
  • Complete plans for site grading
  • A current soils report
    • Any special mitigation required by this report shall be addressed.
    • Soils report shall also assess corrosiveness of the soil.
  • Foundation plans shall include underground electrical and plumbing layouts.
  • Structural plans and calculations that are 85% complete shall be submitted with the foundation package.
  • The information in the foundation package must be adequate to verify the following:
    • All loading must be examined
    • Lateral system must be fully developed
  • Architectural plans that are 15% complete shall be submitted with the foundation plans. Architectural plans shall include:
    • A dimensional site plan showing building location and required parking
    • Basic building code data, such as proposed occupancies, types of construction, number of stories, building height, allowable floor area calculations, proposed floor areas, etc.
    • All site accessibility issues, including accessible route of travel from public way of the building entrances
    • Complete schematic design drawings showing the occupancies of all areas
    • Complete exiting plan, including stair enclosures and exit ways
  • A stormwater pollution prevention plan shall be submitted prior to permit issuance.
  • Compliance with the Art in Public Places Ordinance shall be demonstrated at the time of application for the first building permit.
  • Final clearances for soil or water contamination mitigation and/or special conditions for workers at the site shall be demonstrated.
  • A letter from the soils engineer indicating that the foundation plans are in conformance with the recommendations of the soils report is required prior to issuance of the permit.
  • Additional fees will be required for this service.
  • Guidelines for Partial Building Permits