Crime Statistics


The Emeryville Police Department has partnered with Crime Reports to share neighborhood crime information with community members. This user-friendly program allows community members to view reported crime and calls for service on one easy to use map. Members of the public and business can search by area and sort results by incident type, date, and distance from their location. An easy to use interface displays the results in list form and as clickable icons on a movable “Google map” of Emeryville and surrounding areas.

The information is gathered daily directly from our records management system and sent securely to the Crime Reports website for viewing. Community members will be able to view the call type (e.g. Vehicle Theft), date, time, distance from a specified location, and the disposition of the call (e.g. Report Taken). Because privacy is a concern, users will only be able to view the block in which the incident occurred (e.g. 2000 Block of Powell Street). An identifying number will be provided to reference the incident if needed.

Community members may use the Crime Reports website for free at any time and may also sign up for customized updates and alerts.

Disclaimer: The information displayed on the Crime Reports website is susceptible to some degree of error due to the collection, entry and geo-processing of the data. No warranty or guarantee is made nor implied regarding the content, geographic accuracy, timeliness, completeness, sequence or accuracy of any of the information provided herein. The reader should not rely on the data provided herein for any reason. The information is provided strictly as a courtesy to the public.

Crime Analysis Case Summary

View monthly crime analyis case summaries.