Emeryville / Oakland Joint Planning Authority

Amended: December 3, 2019

Committee Type Community Advisory Standing Committee
Created 1992
Official Action Ordinance No. 92-07
Definition/Purpose Decision-making legislative body for the East Bay Bridge Project.
Eligibility of Requirements/Composition Membership consists of Emeryville and Oakland Planning Commissioners and City Council Members.
Planning Council:
6 City of Emeryville Planning Commissioners
7 City of Oakland Planning Commissioenrs
Appellate Council:
4 City of Emeryville City Council Members
3 City of Oakland City Council Members
Term(s) 5 Years (with automatic renewal of 5 years until terminated)
Members serve terms at discretion of the Emeryville and Oakland City Councils, respectively.
Regular Meeting Annually
3rd Wednesday of February
6:30 PM
Civic Center, Council Chambers (1333 Park Avenue)
Vice Chairperson
Secretary Charles Bryant, Community Development Director
Planning Commission Term Ending

Linda Barrera
Gail Donaldson
D. Miguel Guerrero
Steven Keller
Christine Scott Thomson
C. Tito Young


Deepak Sohane (Alternate) Continuous
City Council Term Ending

John Bauters
Scott Donahue
Dianne Martinez
Christian Patz


Ally Medina (Alternate) Continuous
Other Staff